Other stones from our quarries

Arenisca CARAMELO ® Sandstone

General beige tone sandstone. Woody brownish veins and beige background. Fine grain. Sandstone classified as a quartzarenite.

Arenisca BEIGE PINAR ® Sandstone

Beige tone sandstone. Medium grain. Sandstone classified as a calclitite (sedarenite).


Limestone with a grayish white background. Homogenous, compact with cavities. It is classified as intrasparite.

CREMA PINAR ® Limestone

Cream-colored limestone with a slight orange and yellowish veining. Very fine grain size. It is geologically classified as a micrite (limestone).

GRIS PINAR ® Sandstone

Sandstone with a greenish-gray background. Medium grain size and very compact. It is classified as arkose (sandstone).

Arenisca ROJO NEILA ® Sandstone

General reddish tone. Medium-fine grain. It is classified as a quartzarenite (sandstone).

Arenisca LUNA ® Sandstone

Sandstone of light gray and very homogenous. Fine grain size. It is classified as a calclitite (sandstone).


Gray tone. Homogenous limestone, of great hardness and fine grain. The presence of marine fossils remains stands out. It is classified as a bioclastic limestone with alveolinides. Biomicrite.