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Our Stones


Sandstone with a beige background, with orange veins. Medium grain size and its majority component is quartz. It is classified as arkose.


Sandstone with a pinkish beige background, with brownish veins. Medium grain size, and its majority component is the quartz. It is classified as arkose.

arenisca REINA ® Sandstone

Ocher-toned sandstone with orange-brownish grain, due to the presence of iron oxides.

arenisca REGUMIEL ® sandstone

White sandstone with orange veining. Medium grain size. It is classified as lithic arkose (sandstone).


BLANCA PINAR ® Limestone

Limestone with a white background that presents an abundance of bioclasts. Fine grain size and its main component is calcite.


"INNOVATION, QUALITY AND SERVICE have made Areniscas a brand with his own identity in the world"

Ismael Martín Para, CEO Areniscas


Areniscas Stone was founded in 1999 to dedicate to the extraction and elaboration of sandstone from its own quarries, located in the Pinares area, between the provinces of Burgos and Soria (Spain).

From 2006, Areniscas Stone faces a new stage, renewing and expanding qualitatively and quantitatively, being its Research, Development and Innovation Center (R+D+i), together with the expanded Vilviestre del Pinar factory, the most significant element. The evolution of Areniscas Stone has introduced concepts such as quality, sustainability, innovation, training, research and development, and obviously internationalization in its daily work.

At the same time, the technological progress and growth of its human team have made Areniscas Stone as a recognized brand Company with its own identity throughout the world.


Other stones from our quarries

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