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Headquarters of Areniscas Stone, the main material used is the locallyextracted sandstone, used as a building envelope both on the façade and on the roof. The hollow design guarantees natural lighting in all workspaces, and the existence of skylights on the roof prevents direct sunlight. For the heating system, there was an automatic radiant floor regulation system.

It was Honorable Mention of the II Sustainable Construction Award of Castilla y León, 2007-08.


Façades and false ceilings have been placed with aluminium profiles, hidden staple system with a double longitudinal groove in the sandstone.

Indoor floors glued onto concrete slab with cement mortar and glue mortar staining. The walking roofs are raised floors, placed using height-adjustable plots. Lamas, on an auxiliary iron structure.

Sandstone tiles in arenisca Dorada Urbión sawn cut in 3/4/5cm thickness.

  • 850 Sqm cladding in 3cm sawn cut.
  • 130 Sqm with 4cm false ceilings sawn cut.
  • 480 Sqm of raised floor in 5cm thickness sawn cut.
  • 70 Sqm of 3cm glued indoor flooring consolidated and honed.
  • 150 Lineal meters of 8 cm slats sawn cut.

Inaugurated in February 2008 by the Junta de Castilla y León President, Mr. Juan Vicente Herrera Campo in Vilviestre del Pinar (Burgos).