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Marqués de Riscal Hotel, in Arenisca Beige Pinar sandstone


Design Architect: Frank O. Gehry

Arenisca Beige Pinar sandstone linking with old buildings and lined with metal.

  • 1750 Square meters of stainless steel
  • 1800 Sqm od colored titanium
  • 3180 Sqm of canopys (overhangs) as metallic visors to prevent direct insolation
  • 1200 Sqm of curtain walls.

The arenisca Beige Pinar is a siliceous sandstone with a high percentage of quartz in its composition (96%), with a golden tone and medium grain.

This work is very known by the use given to the stone and by its placement system:

  • 550 Sqm of exterior pavements on terraces, format 80x60x5 cm, on adjustable plastic supports.
  • 270 Sqm of interior flooring, hotel reception, format 80x60x3 cm, glued with cement on a concrete floor.
  • 1050 Sqm of exterior pavements, urban development outside the hotel, 80x60x4 cm format, glued with cement on a concrete floor.
  • 300 Lineal meters of copings in formats 80x40x4 cm, sitting on cement mortar.
  • 2700 Sqm of cladding in façades, format 80x60x3 cm, ventilated façade with adjustable point anchorage.
  • 330 Sqm of cladding in inclined walls, format 80x60x3 cm, ventilated façade with anchorage on profiles.

Spanish sandstone for a work of art known for its architecture all around the world.